Take your store mobile

Let your Joomla J2store own a mobile app and get a mobile storefront.
Increase the per-customer revenue, drive repeat purchases and increase the stickiness.

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Why your store needs a Mobile App?

More than 60% of the online shopping happens in mobile. Customers are increasingly using their smartphones to order products online. You do not want to be left behind in the mobile revolution.

Having a mobile app for your store helps you retain your customers for a long term. Most of the customers who install a shopping app, keep it and purchase more. That means they can make repeat purchases, thus increasing your customer Life Time Value (LTV).

Studies found that the LTV increases at least 120% when a store has a mobile app. Also researches found that the cart abandonment rate is drastically reduced when shoppers use a mobile app. In the browsers, the cart abandonment rate is more than 69%. That is 7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their cart. That is a huge number, meaning a huge revenue loss.

Get a mobile app for your store and increase your revenue per customer.

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App Features

It's no longer e-commerce. It's M-Commerce! Build a superb mobile app for your store with J2Store and grab all the customers.
Send your sales through the roof!


The app will be yours, completely. You can offer it to any number of customers through Apple’s App Store. It will be branded in your store name.


We can publish your app in the Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store at no extra cost. However, if you would like it, the app could also published in your App Store account.


The mobile app uses the native J2Store's RESTful API. It integrates oAuth protocol for seamless authentication. So no need for your customers to open a browser, visit your site and order. Offer them an app.


The app can be customised and launched within a day. Customers can open the app, add products to cart, checkout and pay. All happens within the mobile app. Securely.


Change the branding including store colours, logo, header, footer and more. The app is built using the Ionic framework and works beautifully with the J2Store


App supports Simple and variable product types now. The support for configurable and downloadable products will be made available soon.


Let the customer view the product, add it to cart & checkout. Easily choose payment options and make the payment. And Done! Its fast and simple.


All the payment and shipping methods are supported. Customer can make the payment securely.


App comes with a complete order history. Customers can view the entire history and the order details.

Multi Currency

Allow customers to buy in the currency of their preference. Currency exchange value can be auto update.

Multi Language

Our mobile app is currently translated in more than 35 + languages.

Payment Methods

Supports multiple payment gateways listed by j2store. See payment plugins list and mutli payment options available now.

Multiple images

Show more than one image for your product. It looks better in your storefront and it helps you showcase your products in a better way.

Real-time update

products are updated in app automatically. No need to manage anything separately.

Push Notification (upcoming)

Allows you to send a notification to a specific category/Product. when your customer click on the notification, opens intended category/Product page.